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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello blog.  It's been a while.  After an inquiry from a friend about what was going on, I thought I'd bring you up to date on what I've been doing since February 2012.  My hope is to eventually get back on here and make somewhat regular entries again.

I decided to do some part-time work for my husband's company back in January, 2012.  Mainly marketing-oriented projects - working on his website, Facebook pages and print materials and staging properties that are on the market for sale.  Also, my son was finishing high school online and he wrapped up high school early - in April, 2012.  So, I ramped up work since high school was over, P was admitted to college and I felt like I could breathe a little on the "child educational" front.

Early this summer, my husband's company began purchasing a few properties to fix and flip.  This little project has morphed into another "pseudo-careeer" and one that I am getting a lot of personal satisfaction from.

One quick discovery...painting outdated brass fixtures!  One of the renovation houses was filled with brass fixtures.  The dining room fixture was in great condition and was a very large traditional fixture that I hated to toss.  I decided to paint it a dark bronze.  For two cans of spray paint (about $8) - the fixture was transformed.

I ended up using this fixture in the kitchen breakfast area and found another fixture for the dining room for $15 from a salvage place. (Another new discovery for me!) 
                                                           Breakfast Area (Eat-In Kitchen)
                                                        $15 salvage find for Dining Room

I also found bathroom cabinets in a salvage store including the granite tops for about $300.  The quote from the cabinet company was $1500.
                                         $300 white cabinet with "marble" look granite top
                                                         Another View of Staged Bath
In the Kitchen - we saved a TON of money by only replacing the cabinet doors.  The kitchen had dark cabs and teal and rose wallpaper.  Here is finished kitchen with cabinets painted white, new doors, granite and fixtures.  And of yeah....I painted the brass fixture over the island too!

I hope to be better organized in keeping my "before" and "afters" on projects going forward.  Working on a beach cottage now which is a renovation and decorating opportunity.  It will be sold furnished.  I have a lot of creative ideas coming about re-working some existing furniture that is currently in the cottage and have found a lot of ideas on Pinterest to incorporate.  Also working on a 1950's era house in our neighborhood that is a total gut job.  Having fun planning it now!

Thanks for inspiring me to keep writing "DP!"

Looking forward to sharing more projects soon!

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