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Friday, January 6, 2012

Sorta Have Things Figured Out!

Well....I find it very interesting that it has taken me two years to write another entry into this blog. I wrote my first entry in January 2010 as I was seriously considering leaving my incredibly stressful mortgage lending job after twenty years. When I originally designed my blog, I had a BLACK background! Coincidence that it reflected my attitude? I think not! When I logged back in for the heck of it this week....I was amazed by what I had written, what it looked like and where I am now!

I LOVED my career....but didn't like the prospects of where the business was going. Fortunately, I was completely supported by my husband in leaving my job. While he had started a new business and it was doing up and leaving work was a big risk and family income sacrifice. So....back in January 2009 when I wrote my first entry, I was contemplating my entire life....stressing about my job and trying to find direction.

Every time I came home frustrated through spring and summer of 2010, my husband's response was "quit." I didn't really believe him, and in the fall, I said "I may really do it one day, so are you serious?" And he was. I think he was sick of watching me come home SICK and fed up with my work life and the negative energy was spilling over into everything. I talked with one of my childhood girlfriends about the situation and her advice was "leap and the net will appear." I really thought about those words and decided to jump! It is the best advice I have ever received.

So...I left my job in November 2010. Since I was headed in to the holiday crunch, I was preoccupied for two months with all of the hoopla. My divorced parents also both had health issues and had I not left my job, I would not have been able to assist them as much as I did in the winter and spring of 2011. In the last year, I have found ways to fill my days that fulfill me and work for my family. (More on that to come!)

My "working" friends always ask me....what do you do all day? Obviously, I had the same view of others myself since I was "superwoman and the supreme juggler of work and home and family" for 20 years. I never knew how much stress I carried around until I left work. My son is 18, so I am not potty training a toddler, or driving carpool, but I feel like he needs me around more than ever and I am grateful I have had quality time to spend with him before he leaves the nest for his own life.

SO...somewhere in the midst of it all....I realized I needed to start thinking about ME and where this new life was leading. I wanted to find DANA again (as referenced in my first entry). I am not just someone's wife, someone's mother or worker. I now understand what makes me happy and fulfilled. What I discovered is that my passion is being creative. It always has been. Creativity can take shape in many forms. I hope to share some of the things that inspire me, a woman in Chapter Two of Life....which I now think is the best part of the whole book!

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